Learning HTML

As a part of my course work, I’m supposed to learn HTML, XML and Javascript. So you can be expecting some posts about that too here.

Learning HTML would be the easiest thing i guess. Log on to w3schools.com and you will have everything you need to get going. In about one hour or so. You will have learnt enough to make your own website. The site also allows you to test out the things that you have learnt side by side, with some workspaces. This would be one way to go about it. This is how i first learnt it few years back and i’m going through it again.

So anyways. There are plenty of good books out there which you can use to learn too. A particular one that I am using now as a reference is this book called “Head First – HTML (with CSS & XHTML) written by Elisabeth and Eric Freeman, published by O’Reilly Publishers. This would be a good read if you want to take a dive into HTML. It will get you starting in no time and to add more. The book is awesome. You can read it as though you were reading a story book but really you would be learning a lot too.



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