Making HTML Pages

I have given you the source code for some basic HTML i have written but have not specified how to make them, in the sense, where to type them and how to save them and how to open them. 

So for HTML you do not need any sort of compiler that you need for stuff like C, C++ or Java for that matter. 

A Notepad will do. 

How a notepad.?

All you have to do is copy and paste the code i have given in the other blog posts and ‘Save as’ … <filename>.html
That is just save it with a ‘.html’ filetype.

So if you want your file to be named ‘testpage’ then save the page as, ‘testpage.html’

Hope i was clear enough

For linux users, you can use Gedit. or Kedit, which ever you have. 

Why not High-End Softwares

People usually go for high-end softwares for making webpages. Softwares such as Adobe Dreamweaver. But for learners it is recommended that only notepad be used. Reason for this is, when you learn, you need to learn the real thing. High-end softwares can do a lot of work for you and they do correct mistakes themselves if you will. So that pulls you back on your road to learn HTML properly. 

P.S: If you want something a little more powerful than notepad on windows i suggest you download notepad++. Its opensource so you can download it for free on the internet. Search Google. I assume that most linux users will be satisfied with G-edit or K-edit.

 Thanks for reading.

Comments and doubts are welcome. 

Tc. Joys. See ya


2 thoughts on “Making HTML Pages

  1. read ur HTML stuff…… can u throw us more light on JSP, XML, …. nd i tink c and c++ needs a compiler nd its platform dependent.. but y did u include java(though it needs a compiler)…its a platform independent language ryt??.y de comparison ter???

    • Mahan,
      In your reply you yourself have specified what i was trying to convey. About C C++ and Java requiring compilers. But you are asking me why i didnt go further into the classification (platform dependent and platform independent all that), but that is not in our agenda as of now. Now i was just trying to convey to the people reading this that you don’t need to install any sort of compiler to write HTML and check out the output. That is all.
      Thank you

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