Typing In Other Languages (Ubuntu – Linux)

So i was wondering how to type in different languages in Gedit or even the terminal for that matter.

So there are two ways of going about it.

Option 1: Keyboard Layout

Go for this option if you are going to type out a blog or a paragraph or even a sentence for that matter. Its pretty simple.
Navigate to
Click on the Layouts Tab. Here you can add layouts to almost any language you wish.
From here its pretty straight forward. Select your country. Select the language that you want to type in. There might be several versions/layouts of the same language also. Click on the one you like. You will see the corresponding layout also for your reference.











Selecting or Switching from one keyboard layout to another is a piece of cake. You will have a new segment there in one of your panels that corresponds to the keyboard. Click on it and you can select what you need.



Option 2: Character Map

If you want to type a single word or a single letter. Then this is your deal.
Rather than adding a whole keyboard layout. You can use this.
Navigate to
Applications>Accessories>Character Map






Select the language you want. You get a map of all the characters. Double click on the characters to add them. Click on “copy text” to copy it. Paste anywhere. This should do the trick when you have very little to type. Not recommended for typing whole sentences or paragraphs or anything more than a word though.


Tc … Post your comments



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