Install/Upgrade Without Internet – Linux (Ubuntu)

Have you ever wondered if you could update your Ubuntu system without the need to be connected to the internet. Installing packages, meaning software and driver, without need to be connected to the internet.

Well there is a way and i’m glad i found it. Because when you install ubuntu without an internet connection you end up with a system that can do almost nothing. So here’s how it goes. Read a few blogs and learnt it, this is my version of it.

Step 1:

Get the downloaded packages from a friend. Just like how you would copy all the .exe files or the setup files in windows. How do I do that you may ask. In ubuntu these files are located in the following folder. Browse your way to that folder and copy all its items on to a pendrive.

Folder Location:


You can copy the items in that folder to a pendrive using the following terminal command too..

sudo cp -R /var/cache/apt/archives /media/pendrivename

Where perndrivename is the name of your pendrive, which is case sensitive so be careful.

Now you have all the software needed to upgrade your system.

(Remember you have copied all the packages from your friend’s pc. So chances are that you will get all the software that your friend had in his/her system. If you want to be selective of what you are going to copy. Sort them out before you copy. Dont delete the files in your friend’s machine though 🙂 )

Step 2:

Plug in to your machine. Now you have to copy all the files that you brought to your version of /car/cache/apt/archives

Else to make things simple, just copy and paste these commands on to your terminal.

cd /media/pendrivename/archives

sudo cp -R * /var/cache/apt/archives

Sudo gives you administrative rights.

-R does a recursive copy meaning it goes into all the subfolders also and copies accordingly.

Step 3:

Time to install.

Type in the following command in your termial and you are done. This will install all the packages that you just copied.

sudo dpkg -i *

Where -i stands for install

and * is usually added when you want to apply a particular command to ALL the files.




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