Opera Browser, Inspect Element

This is just a nice tip for people who are learning HTML. If you have been using any other browser. You might be aware that right clicking on any page and clicking on “View Source” or “Page Source” or any of that kind will give you the HTML source code of the page. But what i don’t like about all those tools is that it gives you a very awkward representation of the code. Some times you will not know where to begin with.

But Opera has this amazing tool which i found only recently. Its the “Inspect Element” Tool. Right click on any page and click on “Inspect Element”, you will see the page split into two vertical segments. The bottom one being the source code of the page which is sorted out. Snapshot is below so you can get a picture of how it looks like.


The feature i like about this is

1. All the code has been sorted out just like how you would see it in a professional HTML editor.

2. After you click on “Inspect Element” you get into this ultra cool mode, where you can click on anything in the browser window and this lower tab will take you to the particular piece of code that is responsible for that. Awesome right!?

This is just for a start. Once you go deep into this you will see that you have lot more options to analyse a webpage. I’m in that process now.

Thank you.

Comments are welcome..


Faster Way to Print Documents…

I was doing a favour for a friend of mine. I was taking a lot of prints for him. Which involved getting into many pdf files and printing it. So i thought if there was an easy way to do this. And yes there was.!..

I don’t know how many people know this. But this is pretty cool

All you have to do if you have a folder full of pdfs or word files that you have to print is.

1. Select all the files you want to print.
2. Rick click on them.
3. Choose “print”

printing easy

That is all. Isn’t that amazing.
Now all the printing happens in your default printer settings. If you want back to back prints you might have to work a little bit around the printers behaviour. I did a normal printing with one print per page on a single side. Worked so good for me. Saved me a lot of time.