Opera: Group Tabs

This is a cool trick that you can do in Opera which i found out only recently. When you have two or three tabs that you feel are related. Then you can group them just by dragging one of them and placing on top of the other. Then those two tabs will be grouped. You can add more than two tabs to a group.

Shown below is an example of how grouped tabs will look like….

You can expand or compress the tabs (shown below)



When the tabs are compressed together into one single tab. The previously used tab among the tabs in the group will be visible to you on the outside.

Tips on using this feature:

1. If in case you have multiple emails in say hotmail, gmail and yahoo. You can add all the emails into one group while you work on your pc.
2. If you are looking for some reference. You will probably be opening up a lot of tabs to get to where you want to. To get the right reference. You might want to group all these together while you browse around each one of them. So your browser will look a little organised.

Additional Info:

There is an add on available in the opera website called Tab Grouper which automatically groups all the similar tabs together. But any automated facility will have its limitations. At some point of time you have to intervene manually. I do not use Tab Grouper. Nothing against it but just to reduce the number of add-ons in my browser. Better to keep it light and fast.

Thanks for reading… Smile



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