Dual Boot, Ubuntu and Windows 7

The Story:

I would write a whole article about this. But then, I read this wonderful article which explained the complete process wonderfully. You can skip to the website if you are in a hurry, But just read the sentence in bold 😉 before you carry on.

Moving from Ubuntu 10.10 to Fedora 17 to Linux Mint, I guess I did something bad to the bootloader files. Besides that I had installed some software in windows which could not be removed properly so i used to get the occasional errors. Plus my windows 7 slowed down. So i thought i should format my whole hard drive and re install everything. I spent a day with this, backing up all my data in my external hard drive and then formatting everything on my Laptop’s hard disk and reloading everything. Coming to think of it, This feels pretty good. Feels like a brand new start.

Through it all, This blog and the links inside the blog as you read on. Helped me learn a lot and now I am really really confident about how the installation works and i guess i can troubleshoot some of the issues in my friend’s laptops too. I feel it would be of great help to you whether you are going for a Dual boot or not. The method explained here is really neat. I love it. Plus it helps you avoid the annoying Grub boot menu and helps you create a simplified Boot Menu where you can choose from one of two choices, Windows or Ubuntu, and even help you keep windows as your default OS to boot. Which is the most interesting thing about this article.

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Overheat/ Over Power Consumption : Linux Mint, Solution


After installing linux mint on my Dell Inspiron 15R, N5010. I had severe heating and battery issues. I could get only 50mins of battery backup, compared to the 2 hours i get with windows running. This really bugged me because there wasn’t any proper solution in any of the forums. I had the same problem with fedora also and i thought it was a problem with fedora. So i removed fedora from my laptop and installed linux mint.


To put it in one line. I installed the proprietary graphics drivers.


Dell comes with an AMD’s ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5470,1GB dedicated memory. Out of the box, When you install linux, you do not get the corresponding drivers and in turn it sucks out a lot of power for the graphics is what I feel. But i am not sure of it and i don’t have a proof or explanation to it. It just seemed logical.

How to install?

Click on the menu and go to Additional Drivers. It will search for the proprietary drivers that are available and will give you a list. Click on the corresponding driver and click Activate or Enable in the bottom of the window. This will download and install the necessary drivers. It will take some time if you have anything below 100KB/s download speed so be patient.

If you want a clear picture you can see this video. Which actually gives you a good picture of this particular installation and six other stuff that you might want to do in your new linux mint.

Click here for the video

I hope you see a difference after you do this.

I faced the same problem with fedora. I guess i did not install the proprietary drivers there too. Will check if it shows any changes and update.

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Top 3 Apps on my iPod Touch

I’ve been using my iPod touch for almost an year now and I would like to share with you my top three favorite apps apart from the obvious ones including Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Google+ and Twitter. These are apps you install anyway. I would like to concentrate on apps that you might have missed out if you are the kind of person who never visits the app store. If you use your iTouch only for music and movies i would like to encourage you to do more with the device and power in your hands. 🙂

1. Pulse

Pulse is a mashup tool through which you can receive live updates from many of the popular news sources. You name it you got it. Its all gathered up in a neat presentable way that you would absolutely love. You also have the option to save and read later when you are on the go. Thats something we iPod users really need. We suffer from lack of WiFi sources. If you have a smart phone though. You can use it as a Wifi hotspot and well thats a whole different story.

You have a catalog that you can go through to find the feeds that you would need and add them. You also have the option to get the best of a particular category from the catalog. Suppose you choose to receive the best from all the feeds concerning Fun & Humor, all you need to do is subscribe to Best of Fun & Humor.

You also get the option to create an account to store your favorites on pulse’s web application. So you can view them anywhere any time even without your iPod. And obviously you do get to share the stories you loved on facebook and twitter.!

Alternative: A neat alternative that can sometimes out perform Pulse in certain aspects is Flipboard.

One of my favorite things about flipboard is its interface. You would just love it. Unlike pulse which has a flowy (not so unique) interface, Flipboard has, as the name suggests, a flipping interface. You basically flip through your news. Which i personally love. I’ve installed both of them and i use both of them because i like change. :). Another important aspect of Flipboard is that you can get your social updates also in the same fashion. Integrate it to your facebook and twitter and you will love flipping through those status updates and photos. It works like a charm.  I would suggest you try out both and choose for yourself.

Initally, flipboard wasn’t available for android. But i guess they have released it now.

2. 8tracks

If you are used to 8tracks on the web, oh you would love to have it on your iPod. Sometimes it has been my best company. What mood are you in?… What kind of tracks do you want to listen to? … Do you want something to soothe your mind? … Do you want something to party? … You name it.. You got it. There is a mix for everything. You get an endless supply of music. Its a great way to discover new songs and artists too.

The only disadvantage is that you cannot replay a track again and you only get to play the whole tape right from the first when you play it again. Its just like a mix tape. But believe me. Sometimes its nice to not get what you want immediately. Sometimes, the wait is good. Sometimes, following a predefined order is good. Sometimes, its better to let someone else be the DJ. Give 8tracks a try.

3. Live365

Live 365 is another favorite of mine. I am a music enthusiast and I like a good supply of my music. Although I have tens of GBs of music with me, sometimes its nice to listen to good old radio. Like i said for 8tracks. Sometimes its better to let someone else have the control. All you have to do is just play along. 🙂

Live 365 has an endless list of stations. Lot of genres to choose from. From rock to pop to alternative to… many more, you name it. Try it out.

Alternative: An alternative to Live 365 is Shoutcast. Shoutcast is by Nullsoft. The makers of the ever so famous Winamp. Shoutcast has the largest library of radio stations on the internet i guess. You get an endless list to choose from. Tune in and chill out.!… Like Pulse and Flipboard, i like both and i have both and i use them when i feel like. Choose what is best for you.

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Burning images on Windows 7, The Best Way

Burning DVD or CD images on Windows 7 is a bliss. There is absolutely no trouble at all. With the included burning software that comes along with windows. You don’t need anything more.

If you have disc images that you want to burn. Then Burning them is just as simple as right clicking and clicking on ‘Burn disc image’ as shown below.


You will be prompted with a screen with an options to..

1. Burn the Disc

2. Select the Disc drive

3. Option to Verify disc after burning.

That is it. Click on burn and it runs smooth as silk. No problems at all.

This is mainly for people who try to burn their Ubuntu or Fedora or Linux Mint image files into a DVD. The website recommends software like Infra recorder. But if you are a windows 7 user. Why should you install another software when windows 7 does the job so perfectly!

In my next post I will be talking about the best ways to burn images in winXp.



Chatting behind a Proxy/Firewall

The Situation:

I live in a place where the internet i use goes through a proxy server which does not allow any chat protocols to work. Meaning I cannot use Gtalk or MSN Messenger or Pidgin even. I’ve tried a lot of stuff. Went through a lot of blogs but in vain. But I knew one thing. That if these chat messages were sent and received through some web protocol, I could chat. Because i could chat from Gmail’s chat interface.

The Solution:

I tried the most famous web based messenger, Meebo, but it did not work. But Nimbuzz Web Messenger did. It did seamlessly. If you are ever facing a lot of problems with setting up the proxy. Quit it and start using Nimbuzz. You will save some time. When I do find a possible EASY solution to bypass the proxy. I will tell you. There are some methods which can be used. But its too troublesome to go through for just chatting.


Linux Mint: Manual Partition (Common Mistakes)

Partitioning your hard disk for Linux Mint is similar to partitioning for Ubuntu. Since Mint is a derivative of Ubuntu.

Before I begin this blog I want to tell you that this is not a complete guide to partitioning. As there are many other blogs which beautifully give you a complete view of how to do it. Even I did my partitioning after going through such blogs to get an idea. But here I would like to point out some mistakes that i did which led to a lot of extra work, and hopefully you will not repeat the same.

If you want a complete tutorial of how to manually partition and dual boot along side windows. Take a look at this tutorial.

Basically you will need four partitions.

/boot will require about 500MB. This will contain the files that help you boot and shutdown. You must be careful with this. Because just below the partitioning table is a drop down menu where you need to specify the partition where you need the boot loader to be installed. “Device for bootloader installation”. As shown below

Courtesy: LinuxBSDos.com

You will need about 10GB ideally for the / or root partition. I run mine with 20GB root partition, which is not actually necessary. 10GB is more than enough according to most of the blogs. Sometimes people, even me, when i first installed Linux, partitioned the root finally at last and gave all the remaining space to it. How ever, it is advised that you do not do this. Leave the rest of the space to the /home partition. Which will contain all your user files. Meaning your documents, photos, videos etc.

Optimum Swap Space has always been a heated discussion in many of the Linux forums all around. Reading all these forums Ive come to my own conclusion which may or may not be the right thing to do according legacy Linux Users. But hey, It works for me without any trouble so I’m fine with it.

a) If the size of RAM is lesser than 2Gb. Then i allot a swap space that is double the size of the RAM.
b) If the size of RAM is more than 4 GB. Then the size of swap is same as the size of RAM.
If the size is anywhere between. You make a call.

I liked this particular link.

Just to give you a sense of satisfaction that even though you give more space it doesn’t matter. I will tell you my own configuration. I have 5GB of swap space for 4GB of RAM. I dunno Why I have that. But it somehow felt right at the moment I installed it and I did.

NOTE: Please be careful about specifying the Device for boot loader installation. This would be the most likely place that you would make a mistake. Because I did it too and my Linux would not shut down at all. It would just freeze with a terminal screen with a lot of errors. Then I found that the mistake was this and I had to reinstall Linux because all other trouble shooting failed. Besides reinstalling was the most straight forward thing to do..


Gmail: Using Filters (Part 2)

In my previous post concerning filters i said i would show you one of my filters that is quintessential to me. I use it everyday.

I am doing my post graduation right now and me and my friends have a common printer which we bought together. We take regular printouts from it. So my mail is usually clogged with mails from 17 friends of mine for prints. So i created a filter that would do the following

1. Filter all the mails that has the word ‘printout’ or ‘print’ in it .. and.. Contains an attachment.
Note: I asked all my friends to include the words print or printout in the mails they send regarding prints.

2. I forward all these filtered mails to another mail account of mine. Which i find has a better interface for grouping mails and putting them into folders.

3. To finally top it off. I created a filter in my other account as well to filter all the mails coming from my first id and has the words print or printout and i put them all in a folder called printouts.

The following screen shots will make you understand the steps, nothing more is needed.




The ” | ” sign means or operation. It will filter out messages that have either printout or print in its content.

The very top portion of these filter settings is something you DO NOT have to fill. It’ll fill itself once you fill the other parts.

Click on continue….


In my case I wanted to delete off the mail in my gmail account. Because i didn’t want two copies of the same mail in two different ids. Well you get the space for free. But my conscience says why occupies someones space when you can conserve that space if you do a little bit of extra work. :).

Try it with your own needs. Comments are welcome.