My Move to Linux Mint

Hello All ,

I have moved from Fedora 17 to Linux Mint 13 Maya. I felt that Fedora was consuming too much power from my laptop. Using windows i could use the battery for more than 2 and a half hours. With Fedora it lasts only for 45 mins. So I wanted to find a new linux alternative. I wanted to shift to ubuntu because i have used ubuntu before on my laptop and the power consumption is pretty decent and much better than fedora. But with the new UNITY interface for ubuntu, which i didnt like, I didnt want to take the risk of loading the operating system and then erasing it again because i didnt like it. So the next best alternative was Linux Mint.

Linux mint is solely based on Ubuntu. The only difference between them would be the interface. Linux mint uses a Windows 7 kind of interface. So windows users will be really familiar with it I guess plus its smooth. I almost gives me the feel of an iOS. Yes!. The only minor disadvantage, which I feel is not that much of a disadvantage is that. The software releases always come 6 months later than Ubuntu. Meaning, whenever Ubuntu Releases an Update these updates will be available for Mint only after 6 months. But then, I am not really interested in being UP TO DATE. Well I don’t have a Blu Ray Player. Do I worry about that. No.

Anyways. So far the experience has been good. Although I made a few blunder mistakes while removing fedora and installing mint. Which will be the topics of discussion in the next few blogs.

Thanks for reading.



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