Chatting behind a Proxy/Firewall

The Situation:

I live in a place where the internet i use goes through a proxy server which does not allow any chat protocols to work. Meaning I cannot use Gtalk or MSN Messenger or Pidgin even. I’ve tried a lot of stuff. Went through a lot of blogs but in vain. But I knew one thing. That if these chat messages were sent and received through some web protocol, I could chat. Because i could chat from Gmail’s chat interface.

The Solution:

I tried the most famous web based messenger, Meebo, but it did not work. But Nimbuzz Web Messenger did. It did seamlessly. If you are ever facing a lot of problems with setting up the proxy. Quit it and start using Nimbuzz. You will save some time. When I do find a possible EASY solution to bypass the proxy. I will tell you. There are some methods which can be used. But its too troublesome to go through for just chatting.



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