Burning images on Windows 7, The Best Way

Burning DVD or CD images on Windows 7 is a bliss. There is absolutely no trouble at all. With the included burning software that comes along with windows. You don’t need anything more.

If you have disc images that you want to burn. Then Burning them is just as simple as right clicking and clicking on ‘Burn disc image’ as shown below.


You will be prompted with a screen with an options to..

1. Burn the Disc

2. Select the Disc drive

3. Option to Verify disc after burning.

That is it. Click on burn and it runs smooth as silk. No problems at all.

This is mainly for people who try to burn their Ubuntu or Fedora or Linux Mint image files into a DVD. The website recommends software like Infra recorder. But if you are a windows 7 user. Why should you install another software when windows 7 does the job so perfectly!

In my next post I will be talking about the best ways to burn images in winXp.




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