Overheat/ Over Power Consumption : Linux Mint, Solution


After installing linux mint on my Dell Inspiron 15R, N5010. I had severe heating and battery issues. I could get only 50mins of battery backup, compared to the 2 hours i get with windows running. This really bugged me because there wasn’t any proper solution in any of the forums. I had the same problem with fedora also and i thought it was a problem with fedora. So i removed fedora from my laptop and installed linux mint.


To put it in one line. I installed the proprietary graphics drivers.


Dell comes with an AMD’s ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5470,1GB dedicated memory. Out of the box, When you install linux, you do not get the corresponding drivers and in turn it sucks out a lot of power for the graphics is what I feel. But i am not sure of it and i don’t have a proof or explanation to it. It just seemed logical.

How to install?

Click on the menu and go to Additional Drivers. It will search for the proprietary drivers that are available and will give you a list. Click on the corresponding driver and click Activate or Enable in the bottom of the window. This will download and install the necessary drivers. It will take some time if you have anything below 100KB/s download speed so be patient.

If you want a clear picture you can see this video. Which actually gives you a good picture of this particular installation and six other stuff that you might want to do in your new linux mint.

Click here for the video

I hope you see a difference after you do this.

I faced the same problem with fedora. I guess i did not install the proprietary drivers there too. Will check if it shows any changes and update.

Thanks for reading…





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