Dual Boot, Ubuntu and Windows 7

The Story:

I would write a whole article about this. But then, I read this wonderful article which explained the complete process wonderfully. You can skip to the website if you are in a hurry, But just read the sentence in bold 😉 before you carry on.

Moving from Ubuntu 10.10 to Fedora 17 to Linux Mint, I guess I did something bad to the bootloader files. Besides that I had installed some software in windows which could not be removed properly so i used to get the occasional errors. Plus my windows 7 slowed down. So i thought i should format my whole hard drive and re install everything. I spent a day with this, backing up all my data in my external hard drive and then formatting everything on my Laptop’s hard disk and reloading everything. Coming to think of it, This feels pretty good. Feels like a brand new start.

Through it all, This blog and the links inside the blog as you read on. Helped me learn a lot and now I am really really confident about how the installation works and i guess i can troubleshoot some of the issues in my friend’s laptops too. I feel it would be of great help to you whether you are going for a Dual boot or not. The method explained here is really neat. I love it. Plus it helps you avoid the annoying Grub boot menu and helps you create a simplified Boot Menu where you can choose from one of two choices, Windows or Ubuntu, and even help you keep windows as your default OS to boot. Which is the most interesting thing about this article.

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