Connect iPod to the Internet with your own WiFi Source

Using an iPod touch outside, on the streets, or in places without a WiFi source has always been a problem for many people. You are left stranded. Frankly the ipod touch is just a paper weight when it does not have internet connection. How ever there are three ways to go around this problem.
1. Connect your laptop to the Internet using an USB modem and make it act as an hotspot.
2. Buy one of those wireless routers that can work from a 3G SIM card. They are small and you can carry it around where ever you want. It would probably fit in your pocket or put it in your backpack. They work with battery power. That can last a long time.
3. The third solution is an economical one, but it works at the expense of your phones battery life. The third solution is to just turn your phone into a wifi hotspot. Android comes with that ability so you don’t have to worry about it. You just have to find it in your phone and switch it on. Nokia users however have a problem. They have to install an app.
I use JoikuSpot in my phone. There are two versions. One is a free version and the other is a premium version. It cost me 35rs for the premium version. That is not even a dollar. Before you buy the premium though. Try out the free version to see if you get what you need. He patient if you are stuck anywhere. 🙂 . I’m sure it’ll work fine.
I’m having a Nokia 5530 running on s60 operating system by the way. I used JoikuSpot and I’m using the wifi from my Nokia on my iPod to type this blog right now. I’m not sure about how much battery it sucks. I’d have to check that out. Will make another post with those details.
Thanks for reading… 🙂


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