Internet Explorer impressed me with this one

Well the whole world is at it. “Internet Explorer sucks”. “Internet explorer is only good enough to download firefox or chrome”. Bla bla. The list goes on. But then sometimes internet explorer impresses me. If you have used firefox or opera or chrome you would know that when the browser crashes due to a particular webpage, it restarts. But what it does is, gets your session back. It reloads all the pages that you were using. Although this is a nifty feature. Internet explorer just went one step ahead for a change and it really impressed me.

Whenever a page makes your browser to crash, IE just closes the tab and reloads it. Not disturbing any of the other tabs that you have kept opened. In other words, You will not have the experience of a browser crashing even if it does. Because it just take two seconds to clear it off. You are prompted that the particular webpage made IE to crash, and that the page will reload. You click ok and that’s it.!.

Believe it or not. I prefer using IE in college and Firefox at home. IE gives me some advantages over other browsers when I browse through my institution’s proxy server. I don’t know how, but it does. So I love it.



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