There is a lot of commotion out there whether to buy an LCD or an LED tv/monitor.  Well this blog post should solve the confusion you have.

The Differences: 

The Technology:

So what is the technology difference. The only difference between the two is the way the displays are illuminated. In the case of an LCD, the screen is illuminated/backlit with a series of light tubes. While the LED tvs are mostly illuminated with LEDs arranged around the periphery of the tv. This is the main difference and will be the reason for most of the other differences too as we will see.

LED Wins. 

Power Consumption

LED tvs consume less power compared to an LCD tv. But is it a lot less..? … Depends on how much time you spend watching tv. Approximately, an LED tv is said to save about 25 percent of power compared to an lcd tv. If thats a lot of power for you. Then you might want to consider LED tvs.

LED wins. But ask yourself if you do watch that much of television.

Picture Quality:

LED tvs do not actually provide better picture “clarity” but better “quality”. Both LCD and LED provides the same “clarity” for the same configuration in the tv. But LEDs provides you better blacks. Meaning, the blacks look darker compared an lcd tv. That gives you better contrast. So if you have a close up picture of a zebra on tv, you would notice a “comparative” difference between these two. In an LCD tvs, the blacks would most likely look like dark grey. I’m not sure, but this is probably due to the illumination. Maybe led lights are more controllable. Maybe.

Other than this i do not find a lot of difference between the two.

LED Wins. But do the blacks really matter that much to you?


Due to the fact that LED tvs use LEDs as their backlight or illumination. The size of these tvs are really really thin. Sometimes in millimeters also. But LCD on the other hand are illuminated with tubes of lights that run the width of the panel at the back. These lights have to be scattered then to produce an uniform illumination through out the tv. So you have extra layers of materials for this. So the size/ thickness of tese tvs can be considerably more. Almost twice or thrice the size of an LED tv.

LED Wins. Depends on your requirements.

Servicing and Repairs:

This is probably in no other blogs i guess. No one really talks about this anywhere and i’m surprised. Not all people can afford a new tv once their old one suffers some small repairs. I spoke to service people around and ive found that there are more problems you can handle in an LCD tv than in an LED tv. Once an LED tv is dead. You can be pretty sure that there isnt much you can do about that. Except for some really basic repairs. Since LED tvs are really so thin, i don’t really know where someone would begin if there was a problem with it. Although if you wanna bet on the warranty period then that’s fine.

LCD wins. But depends on whether you are hoping for a repair free lifetime.



There are a lot of videos on youtube that clearly explain to you the differences. Since i watch NCIX almost regularly. I would recommend you to take a look at this video.




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