Search Results in a New Tab: Opera

The Story (Stuff you can Skip)

When you block select a word or a couple of words and right click on it you have the option to search using the default search engine. This is a common feature in any browser. But when you first install opera, when you search by right clicking on something the search results appear in the same page you are working on. Sometimes this can be really irritating. You might be checking email, reading feeds or browsing some social website even. Clicking back and going back to the original webpage you were browsing on would require loading the webpage again. On slow connections, making you wait a long time too. Surely this is not advantageous. Especially in this era where TABS RULE!.  So here’s how you solve it.

The Point!

Click the Menu button and then click on settings and then preferences.

Click on the Advanced tab and then click on Tabs.

You should have some options as shown below.


Here uncheck the ‘Reuse current tab’ option. That should do it.!

Try searching for something now by right clicking on the selected word(s). It should open in a new tab.

Thanks for reading.


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