Search Results in a New tab, Safari. Don’t complain, Get around it

This tip can be really obvious to you. This is not a hack or a tip actually. I’m just asking you to look over one defect in safari and how I come across it.

Safari is a great browser but its not VERY customizable as Firefox is. So when I searched for an option to load search results from google in a new tab. I couldn’t find it. Much to my disappointment, there was nothing on the internet also. But hey, instead of using one keyboard shortcut for searching. You are going to use just two shortcuts now, in succession, to get to where you want to go.

Instead using ctrl/cmd + shift + f to get to search and type away.

You are gonna press ctrl/cmd + t before that to open a new tab and use the first shortcut to get to the search bar and type your search terms.

Don’t throw stones at me for such an obvious blog post. I already warned you. *laughs

Thank you



Selective Sync: Dropbox

Dropbox is a great application to use on windows. Syncing everything dynamically with no human intervention. All you have to install the application and copy paste the stuff you want to upload to the cloud for usage from another computer or for sharing photos and documents. But do you really want to keep all the stuff you store on drop box on your computer as well. I don’t think so. No matter how much memory you have, any extra GB of space is much appreciated. Besides there is no point in keeping a copy of things you don’t need on your pc.

But the good news is. There is a solution. You can actually decide what folders you want to have on your pc.

How do you do it

Right click on the drop box icon on the task bar and click on preferences.


When a new menu opens, click on the advanced tab and click selective sync.


A new window appears, There you can select which folders you want both in your pc and the cloud. If you want it, click on the check box if not, uncheck it and click on update.


That is all.

Thanks for reading.


Changing the Error Notification Sound in Matlab–Windows 7

Stuff you can skip

The error sound (‘ding’) can be really irritating sometimes. Adding to the irritation that you did not get the output properly. It was really essential for me to turn that thing into something pleasant because it was getting on my nerve and I need my peace of mind when I’m programming.

The reason you get that annoying sound is related to your windows sound theme. If your default beep is ‘windows ding’ then you would get the same. Yes really, the sound’s name is ‘windows ding’. There are two kinds of ding though (now this is starting to be kinda funny, anyways). One is ‘ding’ the other one is ‘windows ding’. Windows ding is the annoying one.

So here’s what you do to turn it off.

How do you do it

So head over to your taskbar and find your volume controller/audio manager like so and right click on it


Click on Sounds.

You would see the following screen.



See the list and find out where Default Beep is and click on it. When you do so, the sound that is mapped to this will be shown below and you can see what sound that is by clicking on Test which will play the sound for you.

Once you have done that. Pull down the drop down menu and click on the sound that you would like to hear when you have an error. I mapped it to chimes and that’s my preference.

Now this should work. In case it doesn’t, repeat the same procedure and change the sound of Program Error also like so.



Tell me if you have any problems with it. I’ll try my best to give you a solution.

Thanks for reading