Reducing Stutter, Internet Radio

The Story (Stuff you can Skip)

I love Internet Radios. I live in a place where the local radio stations don’t play a lot of the music I usually listen to. Its boring to make up your own playlists and no matter how smart the playlist makers get. There is no such thing as a Radio jockey at the other end playing the songs that suit your taste. Soon you will have personal favorites and you will be automatically tuning into it. Although 8tracks is an awesome idea. I like Internet radios in its own way.

The Problem

The problem with internet radios if you do not have a really good steady internet connection is that the songs stutter now and then spoiling that great moment for you. Imagine you being in the middle of an awesome groove, dancing and all and the song stops playing for two seconds and you are standing there with nothing to do. Spoils the moment right.

The Reason

The solution to this is to change the buffer settings in your media player. A buffer is like a temporary storage. Think of it like a glass kept under a soda maker. Imagine that your imaginary soda maker makes only 100 ml in thirty seconds and your glass can hold only 100ml. But you normally consume 150ml of soda in that thirty seconds(with a straw maybe). So you would consume the soda faster than production and would sit for it to fill right. But what if you had a bigger glass. Maybe something that would hold about three litres or maybe even more and what if you start drinking from the glass now after its full. You could go on for a long time without stopping right. Remember, the soda maker is still making soda at the rate of 100ml per thirty seconds. I hope that helps you understand. Anyways if you don’t need this. Move ahead to the next section..

The Solution (How do you do it)

This is how you do it with Windows Media Player. I did not find those settings on iTunes. These settings are available in Winamp too. If you listen to shoutcast. I personally prefer Windows Media Player for my audio. So here goes.

1.  Head to Tools > Options


If you don’t see a Tools menu. All you have to do is make sure your window is active and press Alt. The first list that has File, View etc drops down and from there go where you need to.

2. When the options window opens go to the Performance tab.


Here you have the option to change the Network Buffering. By default it is set to ‘Use default buffering(recommended)’. Select Buffer and enter the time you want. Do not enter a big unit. 10 to 15 seconds is a good time I guess. Try with 10 seconds first. If you still experience stutter. Then go ahead and raise it up a little.

By the way. If you are wondering where in the world is the Internet radio in Windows media player. Its there in the Media Guide. Click on the Media Guide and you will have the links to the internet radios.

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Thanks for reading..



Best Way to use your Laptop Battery

Well i’ve used a laptop for about two and a half years right now and i have finally decided how i’m gonna use the laptop battery from the next time. Initially i thought working with the charger connected to the supply when ever possible would take the strain off the battery and in turn the battery would charge up first and my laptop would be taking charge directly from the power supply. I did that because i read in my laptop manufacturers guide that the laptop would stop charging the battery and would start taking supply directly. Well i was wrong. All through that could be true. I live in a place where the power goes off frequently. And due to those small charge-discharge sequence that happens during power cuts my battery has lost its capacity.

Now i feel its better to use the laptop as much as possible with the battery. Charge it fully. Use it fully. Charge it again(fully). Just like you would do on your cell phones. I hope you do know that its always advised to charge your cell phones fully and drain it off fully(below 10%) before you charge it again. This would increase your battery life.

Although if you live in a place where power cuts are not the issue you could try the way i did. Although when a power cut does occur. Discharge the battery completely before charging it again when the power comes back.