Windows Phone 8, Four Basic Tips

I have a windows phone now. I have been using it for about a month now and i wanted to share the top three basic tips that some people may find obvious. While for others it may be totally helpful.

1. The Swipe.

There are notifications that pop down from the top. Sometimes, when you get a lot of notifications it can be really bugging because you might want to see whats behind the notifications. Maybe there is a chat message that its blocking or you want to see your battery usage or maybe you just want to see the next notification. Keep calm and Swipe it away.

2. The Top Tap

You might’ve noticed now that the signs for Edge, Wifi and Network Coverage disappear after a while. If you do want to see them. Tap the top of the screen. They should pop back down again for a few seconds.

3. The Switch

When you have two or three numbers stored per person and their facebook account you might be confused as to how one could message to these different properties of the same entity(person) from a single thread window. The Switch. All you have to do is tap on the switch icon.


Once you do that you will have a window where you can select where you want to send the next message to and continue the conversation.


4. Always On

If you are on wifi (only) you would probably not get all the new notifications from apps like whatsapp, kik, hike, wechat, mail etc. That is probably because windows switches off your wifi when you lock the screen to save battery. But there is a work around. All you have to do is keep wifi off by going to settings>WiFi>advanced and clicking on keep wifi on when screen times out.

More tips later. Hope this was helpful to you.



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