Windows Phone 8 App Search

If you are windows phone user you might be wondering where those apps like soundcloud, 8tracks are. Well to be honest, you do not have exactly the same apps on windows phones but you have very good alternatives which do the trick.

Here is a website i found recently to search for app alternatives for windows phone. Enter the iOS or Android app that you want on your windows phone and the website will list a set of alternative apps that can be installed on a windows phone(with good reviews and ratings also). This can include the same app also . For example, facebook has released its own app for the windows phone and it is not a third party build. But for instagram, there is no app from instagram itself but a third party app called instance


In the drop down list, select, App #Switch. It will take you to a new page where you can type in the app name to receive alternate app sugesstions.

I have also found another use for this website.

If you have been sharp enough, you would’ve noticed by now that some of the windows phone 7 apps do not fair that well on windows phone 8. I have personally faced a lot of problems with Kik messenger, Hike Messenger etc. The notifications don’t get delivered properly(it has to do with the way windows handles push notifications). The Tile does not update. The message does not reach on time. Some of the contacts appear as phone numbers and so on. But Windows Phone 8 apps perform well in windows phone 8, obviously. When you search for an app, the listing also specifies which apps are specific for windows phone 8. Installing such apps will help you reduce your stress i tell you.

Thanks for reading..