Ubuntu Trick – The Auto Click

The Story

Well i recently stumbled into this feature i found on my ubuntu machine. I’m still running Ubuntu 10.10, Maverick Meerkat on my desktop. If you find yourself doing a lot of clicks you can reduce the number of clicks you do a day by a huge 90% if you use this small tweak with the mouse preferences. It does have its drawbacks too.

What is it? 

With the Auto click turned on, you do not have to click when you want to click something, you just have to point at it. There are two parameters that determine whether a click takes place or not. One is the Delay, which decides how long the computer should wait before it makes the click. The second is the Motion Threshold, which determines how much small motion can be accepted for the delay clock to start running. Although the second parameter is not much useful, the first one is. Normally you would want a long delay because you wouldn’t to be clicking all over the place. Using this might be hard at first. Might even be a little annoying. Change is hard for any human to accept. But i feel that with time you would be blazing.

How do you do it.? 

Head over to the mouse preferences. If you are runnning Ubuntu 10.10 like me with the old gnome interface head over to System > Preferences. If you are using the new unity interface use the windows or super key to open search, type in mouse and you will find it. Head over to the Accessibility tab and you would find an interface that looks something like the pic below, where you can now adjust the two parameters (delay and threshold).



1. Reduce the number of mouse clicks per day by 90% almost.

2. Extend the life of your mouse 😉

3. Reduce finger strain.


1. Will take some time to master it. Will definitely be annoying at first.