Best Download Manager for PC: Q&A

Q: Best download manager for pc.?

I want a download manager for my pc with the pause and resume function

A: I personally like Free Download Manager. Its light wieght and it does the job very well.

Free Download Manager

Free Download Manager

But the best download manager is INTERNET DOWNLOAD MANAGER. But it is not freeware. It is very very fast. Its also light and does not pull a lot of pc resources, meaning it does not slow your computer. It can also download Youtube videos with ease.

Internet Download Manager

Internet Download Manager

But, If you want a complete freeware solution.

Install Free download manager for all other downloads except flash video downloads. For downloads from youtube, use Youtube download manger(YTD), its great. So you will need two download managers but its worth it. YTD does a really good job.

In case you want to download videos from other websites too. You can use ‘Video Download Helper’ or ‘Flash Got’. They are Mozilla Firefox Addons and they do an amazing job.

What i have is a Flashgot plug-in on my firefox and thats about it as far as downloads are concerned.

Thanks for reading.


PS: If you find the same content found in this blog somewhere else in another forum, that would be me answering it.


2 thoughts on “Best Download Manager for PC: Q&A

  1. I swear IDM used to be freeware. Of course, it stopped working at one point, so maybe that’s when it switched over. Anyway, thanks for the tip, always useful. I use the torch browser a lot now for downloading youtube videos, but it’s always good to have alternative methods!

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