100 Newbie Hurdles and Mistakes in Home Recording – Series Intro

100 Newbie Hurdles

This post is essentially a story. There is nothing productive in this if you are here in this blog to look for a quick solution. This post is for you to read when you are free.

I have taken a challenge to write 100 newbie hurdles and mistakes that every newbie faces while trying to establish a home studio. In this series i would like to discuss my ten month journey, alone, with no specific guidance from anyone and how i hit the walls and finally found the path i am on right now. This is not to say that i am well established music producer or anything of that sort. I am still at the learning stage and i haven’t made a buck out of it (not that earning money was my original intention). But hey, if you are new to all this and you are lost, who can understand your position better than me.

I have always believed in the internet and i have always believed that the internet has the answers to almost everything you shoot at it, you just need to know where to look. But it is an arena of confusions too. There are so many people who can confuse you and lead you astray. But if you don’t wanna spend much for what you want or if you don’t have the cash for it. You have to take this long road. Such was mine. But the great thing about this is that eventually you will find direction and you will know whom to listen to. You will find people you can trust, people you can listen to. I found such a person, three four months into my passionate quest to learn music production. There have been tons of people on Youtube that i have listened to, who’ve helped me a lot in working things out with recording and mixing but if there is one person i can point out, who dragged me into the highroad and gave me direction it would be Graham Cochrane from the Recording Revolution. Now that i gave you the link, my job is actually done, you actually wouldn’t need me, but i guess i have a duty to share what i know to make your life easier. Whether people read it or not is secondary. In this series I wanna focus on my mistakes and hurdles that kept me from making good music. I would like to start from scratch, from even the most trivial things because those are the things that are never covered in any blog posts, and extend to hurdles i face currently after ten months. Some of it might be really obvious to you, some of it might not. Take what you can. Read when you can. Lets make some good music.!!

Thanks for Reading ….


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