100 Newbie Hurdles: Recording Space


Christ Lord Alge’s Studio.

One of the hardest things I had to deal with was finding a good recording space. Living in metropolitan city and on the main road, this is something that you need to deal with. What I could do was soundproof my whole room and get it ready for production, but it costs. So the alternative was to try looking for a good recording space elsewhere. There were some places that could be of use, like a friend’s house for example. But the effort to get there was a pain. Music to me is all about spontaneity and when you have to transport all your goods all the way there and do some recording after you are all tired seemed very inefficient.

Then, I stumbled upon some posts. One of it, from Tyler Ward on Youtube who had recorded a song while waiting for his delayed flight in the airport and also managed to mix it during the flight. All this with an apple headphone. Phew! Talk about inspiration. There was even a post on the Recording Revolution, something I follow on a regular basis. This guy (Graham) is like my guru, he keeps me motivated with his theories and inspirations.

I thought this was a small subset of the music maker crowd. But the internet is full of people who record stuff in their cramped bedroom with no sound proofing at all. Which leaves me with no excuses what so ever. So I began recording, although there were cars and trucks honking on a regular basis. To my surprise, it did not affect my recording so much that I felt appalled. In-fact, when I was done mixing, there was no sign of any traffic noise in the song. They were all buried under the music. The only thing lacking in it were my music skills and mixing skills. Which can only get better if I start making more music!