My Email Read-Reply Algorithm

Keeping your mailbox clean is a daunting task. Keeping track of whats important and what to reply to within the limited time you have can be even more troublesome. There is a simple algorithm that runs in my mind when i’m Reading and Replying Emails.

Select Case Importance

Case: Very Important

Read and Reply

Case: Important


Reply if it will take less than 5 mins

Case: Normal

Read if it takes less than a minute

Reply if it takes less than 2 mins

Case : Not Important

Read if I have no work and if it takes less than 10 Seconds.

Move to Archive.

Do not reply

Case: Spam

Open. Skim for 5 Seconds.

Delete if it is spam

Move to inbox and follow algorithm above based on importance.


This way I don’t have emails piling up in my mail box. This applies to SMS as well.

How do you manage your mails?