Installing New Fonts on Fedora

Installing fonts on Fedora is quite simple. First you have to decide if you want the fonts to be available across all users or just yourself. The most common option would be to install it across all users.


  1. Download a font pack from some website. I was able to get a font pack with 1500 fonts in one zip file. Which contained many smaller zip files, each containing a font. You could unzip all of this by navigating to the folder in the terminal and saying “unzip \*.zip” and it would unzip it all for you.
  2. Once that is done you will have plenty of font files and also the readme files that come along with it.
  3. Become a root user by typing in su in the terminal and giving the root user password. Navigate to usr/share/fonts/ and create a folder to put all your new fonts in. I called it “userInstalled”.
  4. Copy all the font files from the place you unziped them to this place. You could do

    “cp <folder path where you unzipped all the font files>/*.ttf /usr/share/fonts/userInstalled”

    on the terminal to do this in one shot.

Hope this works out for you. Thanks for reading.


6 Reasons why I like Telegram More than Whatsapp

Telegram has grown over the past six months. I can see people migrating to Telegram but still a vast majority of my friends still do not use it. Here i list down 6 reasons why i like Telegram more than Whatsapp.


  1. Telegram has Encrypted messaging. Even if your messages are intercepted. Its going to be really tough to get through that Encryption. Good when you are transmitting some sensitive info.
  2. Self destructive messages in Telegram could be really useful. Your messages will self destruct post being read and after the set time. Options vary from 1 second to 1 day.
  3. Whatsapp belongs to Facebook and you know Facebook. I will stop it at that.
  4. Kick ass desktop client. If you want to use your pc to talk to your whatsapp contacts, your phone and your pc, both, need to be connected to the internet. and also you will be using a web browser. But you get a really good desktop app for Telegram that is really smooth and hey your phone does not need to be connected to the internet.
  5. File transfer. When you are on your desktop. You can drag and drop files into the desktop client and it would just go to the other person. No hassle. It just WORKS!
  6. Group Messaging & Bots. With the ability to use bots for Groups. Group management becomes easier. Avid programmers could explore this and go places.

Thanks for Reading.