Creating Gifs from Images – Image Magick

This was real fun. I had to create an gif from a set of images and i knew for sure that Image Magick can do it and yes it can. Its pretty simple.

Move all the images you want in the gif into a folder. cd to that folder. Now type in,

convert -delay 50 -loop 0 *.jpg myimages.gif

This would create a gif file called myimages.gif that is made up of all the images in the folder. The order of these images would be the the order in which ls lists them on the terminal. So change the names accordingly.

The delay parameter can be used to tweak how fast/smooth the animation should be. Loop set to 0 loops the image infinitely as is common with all gifs. *.jpg assumes that all your images are jpg. If they are in some other format use as necessary or you could just say *. Since the images are the only ones in the folder.


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