Banshee Audio Player – Two good features

220px-Music-player-banshee.svgIn this post I want to talk about two things that I loved about Banshee the media player for Linux. Let me start off by first saying that I hate rhythm box. I cannot put my finger on it but it is bad. So I uninstalled it long back. I have been using VLC media player for everything from music to videos. It was pretty good but I still felt something was lacking. So I recently installed Banshee, I love it. But let me start off with two things for this post.

  • The list of options you get when you right click on the task bar icon. My personal favorites?. “Stop when finished” and “Rating”. Stop when finished, is a great option. You want to stop listening to music and concentrate on your work but you just want this one beautiful song to end. Next, When you have a huge music database. You would like to rate those songs every now and then so that one fine day when you just want to listen to those top rated songs, it is easy. Well, the rating option is right on the task bar menu.
  • The second thing I love about this are the shuffle options. Shuffle by either Song, Artist, Album, Rating or Score. Wow. Even the very best of audio players does not have that.

So there you go. Two really good features.


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