Git – Quick Start

This is meant to be a quick revision of very basic Git commands for me. I am not yet a fully functional software developer at the moment. I do not use a lot of Git. But then i do rarely, once a year maybe for some small project?, and, this can be good starter for me.

  • git init to initialize a repository in a folder.
  • git status to know the status of what is staged, what is modified and such.
  • git add filenames to stage those files.
  • git commit -m "Commit Message" to commit staged files with a commit message.
  • List files that need to be excluded when staging whole folders maybe, in .git/info/exclude. Can be used for temporary files and media files maybe.
  • git rm --cached filename to remove a file from being monitored by git.

That should get you started dear future me! 🙂


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