Search Switch – Part 1/2

I recently made the shift to move from Google search to DuckDuckGo. As my default search provider. Web search is something we do all the time. For me, it happens around 20 to 200 times on a typical working day. This provides my search provider with enough information about me to target ads and also make my consequent searches more relevant. The former makes people uncomfortable. But the latter point is usually taken happily, as we would get well filtered results. We get something out of it. But, do we really want this.

I have come to a conclusion that I don’t, at the moment. I just want to see what is objectively popular and ranked higher. I do not want customized search results, because I feel I am missing out on the diversity that the internet has to offer. It is through these random searches that you find good content from all over the globe. If it is good, You see it, End of story. As I am using DuckDuckGo, I can sense this happening. My results are not biased, they are not based on who I am, but rather on the actuality of the articles themselves. A Ted video from long back influenced this thought process of mine. Lazy to find it now and give you a link.

And yes, DuckDuckGo does not save your search entries or track you. So that is something that you might find interesting as well. There is no use if you are using DuckDuckGo on Chrome I guess, but still, internet privacy on its own is sort of a gray area. You can never be 100 percent private. You can control some of the parameters. But not all. At the moment, I am using DuckDuckGo on Firefox, both of which claim similar ideology about privacy.

Anyway, this is an experiment. Let me see if I have the same opinion a few months from now. Will keep you posted. Part 2/2 in a few months, or sooner.


2 thoughts on “Search Switch – Part 1/2

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