Opera, All the way

I recently made a switch from Chrome/Firefox to Opera along with another change. You can read about the other change here. But ever since I made the switch I have been in love with it and I have been trying it out on my phone as well. It was really nice. It was slick. I then installed it on a really old tablet that gives you a lesson on patience, no matter what you try to do with it, especially if you want to browse with chrome on it. Installed Opera mini, the light version of the browser on it, and it worked really well. That was the turning point and I was hooked! Well impressed, when I got my a new tablet for myself I stopped using Chrome altogether, now opera is my default, through out, across all devices. Linux and Android. Its been around a month or so and I have not faced anything bad so far. The lack of plug-ins did not worry me much. I needed some and I found those and they work well. So I am all set.


Reaper on Linux, Wine – Blog – Part 1/2

Yesterday I was just going through the Reaper website and I noticed something really interesting. I was so happy to see it.

windows - wine

Seems reaper works well through wine. I have always thought of how the Reaper guys never ported it to Linux. Since Reaper feels so much like Linux, in philosophy and working.

So I did it. I installed Reaper on Fedora through Wine.


It runs reaaally well!. Super slick!. I love it. I haven’t done anything on it though. No recordings or projects yet. Will do it sometime in a few days. I will get back to you on how everything went. Hopefully it is not disappointing. 🙂

Following a Blog – RSS Feed

I am mainly creating this article so that I can send it to my friends who want a way to follow my blog easily. We will use this age old tradition of RSS. Most of us don’t even know that our browsers support something like that natively or via extensions.  RSS is Rich Site Summary. You can read more about it on the wiki page later but in short it is a subscription to a website. It helps you follow multiple sites easily. Used to be really popular long ago, but not now I guess.

Now wordpress blogs give you the option to follow a blog by email. You get notified each time a post is made. Which is awesome, but tumblr does not. We need a work around for that, without creating a tumblr account. So this blog is about that.


There are two ways. You can either head to the RSS location of a particular website or use an option in the firefox boookmarks menu.

Bookmarks Menu

If you are using the Bookmarks menu, then this is the way.

  1. Head to the blog that you want to subscribe to. Example: beingjoys.tumblr.com or joyslearns.wordpress.com
  2. On the menu bar, look for the ‘Bookmarks’ menu and select, ‘Subscribe to this page’.
  3. You might see couple of options, choose the one that makes sense. For wordpress sites, you might get the option to subscribe to comments, which is not what you want.
  4. You will see the option to Subscribe Now.
  5. RSS are like bookmarks and are saved in the bookmarks menu. So when you subscribe, you will be asked where to save it. You can choose any place in your bookmarks. Bookmarks bar is a good place for RSS feeds. You can do this any website that gives you periodical content. You will get the updates in your bookmarks bar.
  6. You can view them in the dropdown list in the bookmarks bar or your bookmarks manager. Image shown below. As you can see. You will get an updated list of all the latest posts.

Joys Learns - Blog - RSS Feed

Chrome does not seem to support RSS. Probably because it is an age old tradition and people have moved on to apps like Feedly to subscribe to websites.

Opera has a pretty neat News app, where all you have to do is give the link to the blog and it forms a really nice interface. Image below. All I did was click on the news icon, click on add sources and entered by blog address and it was done. That was pretty neat.

Opera News

I liked the Opera method the best. You could also use some feed apps to get a richer experience across all websites and blogs.

Search Switch – Part 2/2

Recently i made a search engine switch. To read about why I did it and some other information, take a look at this article. But this is the second part that I promised. I promised I would come back in sometime and tell you if i really liked the switch or it was just one of my ‘need for change’ things. I actually said I would come back in a month or so, but I guess I came a bit early because I think this mindset is here to stay.

So the truth is. I have been loving it. I have been loving the results duckduckgo has been giving me and I am very satisfied. Yes sometimes, I would have to add some extra parameters in my search to get what I want. But again, we come to the same point I mentioned in the previous article. Do we want our search results to be that customized to us that we miss out on the rest of the internet. For me, its a NO. I am fully satisfied.

I did make one change though. I switched from Firefox to Opera because Firefox was SO slow on my Fedora machine running on AMD A10 and 8 gigs of RAM. While chrome and opera run quite smoothly. Opera had some gui issues in the MATE spin of Fedora. But it works really well on the Gnome issue of it. The UI and UX is awesome. I think I am here to stay, for another year at least.

Cheers. Thanks for reading.