Autorun, Not really a bad guy

When ever someone finds an autorun.inf file in their flash drives, they would immediately try to hit delete, thinking it is a virus. It most probably is, except in some situations.

Autorun.inf is a file that is used to give some attributes to a disc/disk. For example an icon for your cd, or for your pen drive even. You could also assign some parameters to determine what program should be launched when the disc is loaded. Stuff like that.

Something interesting you could do with your pen drives is, to give it a fancy icon. All you have to do is create a file called Autorun.inf using a text editor and enter something like


Save the file in the root folder of the disc/disk and then add your image file as well in the same place (or some other place, depending on the path you set for the icon parameter). You are done.

Another common parameter is open=myapplication.exe

For more info, refer the manual. Or take a look at this blog, it was pretty good. I just wanted to let you know that it is not always a virus, you have some good uses too. Just that its vulnerability is used pretty well by the virus manufacturing folk 🙂


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