Crossfade – The Smooth Operator

Do you have your crossfade on in your music player? If not, you should turn it on now. You are missing out some really good stuff.

Smooth Transitions from Song to Song. Crossfades create a really smooth transition from one song to another. That means that your brain also transitions much smoother, if you are sensitive to that sort of thing. Usually music producers add a crossfade between songs, themselves, in the mastering stage or during arrangement itself. But still, there are times when this maybe a good thing to have in your music player when you navigate to the next track maybe?.

Smooth Transitions between Pausing and Playing. Abrupt pause and playback can be annoying. You would understand what you were missing so far when you turn on Crossfade. When you pause and play a song without a crossfade, it can get glitchy as well.

But where this makes a huge difference is subconsciously in your brain. Have you tried suddenly halting from running? How did your body feel. So how do you stop running usually? If it was possible to go from 0 to 10 km/hr in an instant, would it be a pleasant experience? But that’s what happens in your brain when pause and play randomly without a crossfade on if you are actively listening to a song.

Easier to handle interruptions. A lot of us don’t like to be interrupted when we are listening to music. We soak ourself in the immense joy of tingling our basilar membranes with a spectrum of frequencies being activated in rhythmic fashion. That is a lot to turn off suddenly, to divert our attention to a pesky request from a friend asking for ten bucks, right? 😛

Well it can get a lot easier if you had your crossfade on. Trust me. It will definitely ease your irritation.

So, switch it on, and let me know how it went for you. 🙂


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