About my Blog

I’m a learner. I like learning things. I don’t like to focus on learning just one thing(at least for now). I like to know about everything I come across.

I have other blogs. I started this one in a hope that I would record all the little progresses that I make as a learner.

The internet is a wonderful thing. So many people, posting questions and answers in forums, blogs and much more. There is so much to learn.

Luckily our brain is a wonderful thing too. It can hold on to a lot of things. But interestingly it holds on to thing that it finds interesting. Else it forgets as time goes on. Make what you look seem interesting. Your brain will hold on to it.

I’ve always believed in learning in bits and pieces. Things like that stay in our heads for a long time. Rather than reading a book completely in a stretch even though your brain literally screams half way through .. “Pleeeease… dont… Stop… I cant take it anymore… “.

Books help you out when you don’t have a clue about what you are learning and when you are done with reading a part of the book you realize that you have learnt something that you didn’t know anything about. The internet on the other hand gives you only what you want. You search for the stuff you need. What do you need.? You need things/knowledge to progress. Progress in what. Something you dive head first in and experiment. It maybe anything. A new instrument that you want to play. A new programming language that you would want to learn about. A new operating system that you would like to know about. Anything.

So which is better. Experimental learning or Textual. Well that depends.

I’ll quit the mumbo jumbo stuff for now.

Read my blog if you are a learner who is trying to learn in its and pieces (trust me it helps).

Hopefully in one year or so I would have a lot of content on this blog. Hopefully.



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