Using Laptop as a Router, Windows 7, USB Modem or LAN Connection Required

Click the link below to know how to use your laptop as a router. This is a great website where you can learn a lot of cool stuff.

But before you click it. Do not close this page because you would most probably come back because there is one just tiny detail missing.

Click here!

So I’ve assumed that you’ve read the whole thing and if you are back here its probably because you want to know what to do with this particular thing… What do you click.?… Click on “Wireless Network Connection” and click ok. That should do it. You are clicking on Wireless network connection because that’s what you are going to use to create you home network with the devices you want to share your internet connection with.


So basically what you do is. Create a network (ad-hoc) with your devices and then use your laptop as a gateway to the internet using the 3G modem or the LAN connection. If you get it. Its good. If not. Have fun using your new wifi connection without worrying about all this.

Reopen the properties dialog box and click on the sharing tab and you should have this.



This could be very useful for all those iPod users out there like me. You need an internet connection badly. You don’t have a router with you. You could use your phone as a wifi hotspot. That would be a good option. But how many times would you recharge your phone in a day. The battery dries out so quickly. If you want to know how to use your Nokia phone as a hotspot though, Check out this blog post!.

Another easy way is to get one of those small pocket routers. This one from TP LINK was impressive and cheap. It costs 1900 INR. 1850 INR in Flipkart as of today. That would be about 30 to 35 USD I guess. Try it out if you have the cash and if you think you shouldn’t put your laptop through too much work, if you think this is too much work. *wink



How to fix: No sound in Linux Mint 13 Maya ~ Linux and Life

I recently moved on to Linux Mint Maya. The 13th version from Linux Mint. I was using Fedora 17 previously. I felt Fedora was consuming too much power from my laptop and the laptop was getting heated up so soon.

I had a problem with the sound in my laptop. I couldn’t hear any audio from vlc player or banshee. But I could hear the startup sound. So i surfed the web for a solution and this is what i found. The solution seemed to be pretty Simple.

How to fix: No sound in Linux Mint 13 Maya ~ Linux and Life.