Banshee Audio Player – Two good features

220px-Music-player-banshee.svgIn this post I want to talk about two things that I loved about Banshee the media player for Linux. Let me start off by first saying that I hate rhythm box. I cannot put my finger on it but it is bad. So I uninstalled it long back. I have been using VLC media player for everything from music to videos. It was pretty good but I still felt something was lacking. So I recently installed Banshee, I love it. But let me start off with two things for this post.

  • The list of options you get when you right click on the task bar icon. My personal favorites?. “Stop when finished” and “Rating”. Stop when finished, is a great option. You want to stop listening to music and concentrate on your work but you just want this one beautiful song to end. Next, When you have a huge music database. You would like to rate those songs every now and then so that one fine day when you just want to listen to those top rated songs, it is easy. Well, the rating option is right on the task bar menu.
  • The second thing I love about this are the shuffle options. Shuffle by either Song, Artist, Album, Rating or Score. Wow. Even the very best of audio players does not have that.

So there you go. Two really good features.


6 Reasons why I like Telegram More than Whatsapp

Telegram has grown over the past six months. I can see people migrating to Telegram but still a vast majority of my friends still do not use it. Here i list down 6 reasons why i like Telegram more than Whatsapp.


  1. Telegram has Encrypted messaging. Even if your messages are intercepted. Its going to be really tough to get through that Encryption. Good when you are transmitting some sensitive info.
  2. Self destructive messages in Telegram could be really useful. Your messages will self destruct post being read and after the set time. Options vary from 1 second to 1 day.
  3. Whatsapp belongs to Facebook and you know Facebook. I will stop it at that.
  4. Kick ass desktop client. If you want to use your pc to talk to your whatsapp contacts, your phone and your pc, both, need to be connected to the internet. and also you will be using a web browser. But you get a really good desktop app for Telegram that is really smooth and hey your phone does not need to be connected to the internet.
  5. File transfer. When you are on your desktop. You can drag and drop files into the desktop client and it would just go to the other person. No hassle. It just WORKS!
  6. Group Messaging & Bots. With the ability to use bots for Groups. Group management becomes easier. Avid programmers could explore this and go places.

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JoikuSpot, First Review

In my previous post, I said I would tell you how my experience with Joikuspot goes.

What is Joikuspot:

Joikuspot is an app you can install in your nokia phone running on symbian. It can turn your phone into a wifi hotspot so that you can use your phones 2G or 3G connection on other devices that come with only WiFi like an iPod. There are two versions. A free version and a premium version. The premium version cost me 35/- INR. That’s less than a dollar. Go to the Nokia Ovi Store and check it out.

Review, First Looks:

I’ve been using this software for less than two days, so I’m writing this post under the assumption that it would work the same way in the future too. If there are any modifications to what ive said below. I would write another blog and put a link to that in this one.

Although its performance was clean with no bugs or glitches it did suck a lot of battery out of my phone. If you are planning to use it for a long time you might want to carry your phones charger with you all the time. Yesterday, I recharged my phone thrice. I usually do it once everyday. I did not even use the software the whole time. I used it occasionally. With a total time span of maybe three to four hours.


But I do not blame the software though. I don’t think you can possibly build a better one, (As far as I know) because, it uses both your GPRS and your Wireless adapter simultaneously. It pulls data from web servers using GPRS and it has to use its WLAN card to route it to other devices. Using both simultaneously will surely pull a lot of power.

I suggest you use this when you ..
1. are really bored outside and you don’t really care about battery life.
2. are desperate to use your iPod or any other device that has only wifi but no 3g. Desperate to harvest that crop you planted today morning on farmville maybe? Winking smile
3. have your phone’s charger with you.

In any other case, It would be a bad choice.

Thanks for reading..


Top 3 Apps on my iPod Touch

I’ve been using my iPod touch for almost an year now and I would like to share with you my top three favorite apps apart from the obvious ones including Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Google+ and Twitter. These are apps you install anyway. I would like to concentrate on apps that you might have missed out if you are the kind of person who never visits the app store. If you use your iTouch only for music and movies i would like to encourage you to do more with the device and power in your hands. 🙂

1. Pulse

Pulse is a mashup tool through which you can receive live updates from many of the popular news sources. You name it you got it. Its all gathered up in a neat presentable way that you would absolutely love. You also have the option to save and read later when you are on the go. Thats something we iPod users really need. We suffer from lack of WiFi sources. If you have a smart phone though. You can use it as a Wifi hotspot and well thats a whole different story.

You have a catalog that you can go through to find the feeds that you would need and add them. You also have the option to get the best of a particular category from the catalog. Suppose you choose to receive the best from all the feeds concerning Fun & Humor, all you need to do is subscribe to Best of Fun & Humor.

You also get the option to create an account to store your favorites on pulse’s web application. So you can view them anywhere any time even without your iPod. And obviously you do get to share the stories you loved on facebook and twitter.!

Alternative: A neat alternative that can sometimes out perform Pulse in certain aspects is Flipboard.

One of my favorite things about flipboard is its interface. You would just love it. Unlike pulse which has a flowy (not so unique) interface, Flipboard has, as the name suggests, a flipping interface. You basically flip through your news. Which i personally love. I’ve installed both of them and i use both of them because i like change. :). Another important aspect of Flipboard is that you can get your social updates also in the same fashion. Integrate it to your facebook and twitter and you will love flipping through those status updates and photos. It works like a charm.  I would suggest you try out both and choose for yourself.

Initally, flipboard wasn’t available for android. But i guess they have released it now.

2. 8tracks

If you are used to 8tracks on the web, oh you would love to have it on your iPod. Sometimes it has been my best company. What mood are you in?… What kind of tracks do you want to listen to? … Do you want something to soothe your mind? … Do you want something to party? … You name it.. You got it. There is a mix for everything. You get an endless supply of music. Its a great way to discover new songs and artists too.

The only disadvantage is that you cannot replay a track again and you only get to play the whole tape right from the first when you play it again. Its just like a mix tape. But believe me. Sometimes its nice to not get what you want immediately. Sometimes, the wait is good. Sometimes, following a predefined order is good. Sometimes, its better to let someone else be the DJ. Give 8tracks a try.

3. Live365

Live 365 is another favorite of mine. I am a music enthusiast and I like a good supply of my music. Although I have tens of GBs of music with me, sometimes its nice to listen to good old radio. Like i said for 8tracks. Sometimes its better to let someone else have the control. All you have to do is just play along. 🙂

Live 365 has an endless list of stations. Lot of genres to choose from. From rock to pop to alternative to… many more, you name it. Try it out.

Alternative: An alternative to Live 365 is Shoutcast. Shoutcast is by Nullsoft. The makers of the ever so famous Winamp. Shoutcast has the largest library of radio stations on the internet i guess. You get an endless list to choose from. Tune in and chill out.!… Like Pulse and Flipboard, i like both and i have both and i use them when i feel like. Choose what is best for you.

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Using Windows Live Writer

Using Windows live writer for the first time for my word press blog.

This is a test blog if you will. Also a review of it.

I want to see how it goes. If it goes well i will continue to use this as my primary blog application. Because logging on to wordpress and typing in the interface there feels like a lengthy process to me. I almost lose my patience Winking smile

This could serve as a good platform. I have the opportunity to save a blog file as a draft also. In case i dont have an internet connection now. I can post it later on. Its much faster also. With more simpler editing options. If everything goes well up till me posting the blog. Then this is a very good deal.


Thank You.