Antibiotics, Take em or Leave em.

I never thought I’d write something like this here in my blog. But this is something I’ve learnt too so I need to tell you about this.
I was talking to a doc recently who was explaining to me why I’ve shifted from 150 to 300 to 500mg of antibiotics over the past few years.
Everytime you take antibiotics be sure that you take them properly. The full prescription I mean. Do not take half or stop anywhere for anything. Do what the doc says. If you have trouble with the medicine go back and ask for something else. But don’t self medicate on any cost. Every time you stop mid way the germs in you grow resistant to that particular drug that you have been using in time and they attack again. Stronger now. So if this goes on. You need more powerful medicine to cure yourself.
This problem is very common in India where the Pharmaceutical shops are not regulated. You can get how much ever medicine you want. Unlike places like Europe where you need a proper prescription to get medicine of any sort and you cannot buy half or quarter of what the doc prescribes no matter what the reason is. If you don’t have money to get the whole thing, go get it.
The doc told me about a situation where he himself, being a practicing doctor, couldn’t get medicine in Germany cos he didn’t have a prescription. He knows what to get but yet he couldn’t. But here in India it’s just the opposite. Anyone can get anything.
Medicines such as Amoxicillin are still used in other countries while in India it’s of no use these days because the bacteria have grown stronger than that long back. These old medicines are much cheaper also an where in use here long back. But now we depend on much costlier medicine. But here is the most important thing. There is a possibility that one day we will go resistant to every drug that is out there. Imagine the situation then. We would have to depend on ways that would have a loooot of side effects. Before that happens. I hope we spread the news and build a healthier society. Take medicine properly else don’t. Do not create stronger germs to infect others in the society every time you get sick.
Correct me if I’m wrong somewhere. I’m an Engineer :). Not a Doctor.