Opera, All the way

I recently made a switch from Chrome/Firefox to Opera along with another change. You can read about the other change here. But ever since I made the switch I have been in love with it and I have been trying it out on my phone as well. It was really nice. It was slick. I then installed it on a really old tablet that gives you a lesson on patience, no matter what you try to do with it, especially if you want to browse with chrome on it. Installed Opera mini, the light version of the browser on it, and it worked really well. That was the turning point and I was hooked! Well impressed, when I got my a new tablet for myself I stopped using Chrome altogether, now opera is my default, through out, across all devices. Linux and Android. Its been around a month or so and I have not faced anything bad so far. The lack of plug-ins did not worry me much. I needed some and I found those and they work well. So I am all set.


Search Results in a New tab, Safari. Don’t complain, Get around it

This tip can be really obvious to you. This is not a hack or a tip actually. I’m just asking you to look over one defect in safari and how I come across it.

Safari is a great browser but its not VERY customizable as Firefox is. So when I searched for an option to load search results from google in a new tab. I couldn’t find it. Much to my disappointment, there was nothing on the internet also. But hey, instead of using one keyboard shortcut for searching. You are going to use just two shortcuts now, in succession, to get to where you want to go.

Instead using ctrl/cmd + shift + f to get to search and type away.

You are gonna press ctrl/cmd + t before that to open a new tab and use the first shortcut to get to the search bar and type your search terms.

Don’t throw stones at me for such an obvious blog post. I already warned you. *laughs

Thank you