Cyber Threats and Laws

So I was attending a seminar about Cyber Laws on how your playful attitude on the internet can turn into a real serious issue.

We all have a playful side to us. Sometimes it goes too far that we forget what we are doing.

Sometimes we do things, we think is nothing serious, but in fact, they turn out to be. Numerous people have spoiled their life this way.

Releasing cracks for software, hacking into official websites (and proudly posting about it on the internet), releasing ripped movies on the internet can all get you to places you don’t want to go.

Example 1: (How not to ACT SMART)

A perfectly good software engineer earning well and living comfortably is on his way in a train to the airport when he figures out that he is a bit late and the flight is about to start. He sends a message to the airport saying there is a bomb in the flight. He got arrested and put in Jail. Job lost. Life ruined.

Example 2: (How not to GET FOOLED)

A senior official earning around 1.7 lacs per month receives a mail which looks fairly clean asking him to leave the job he is currently working on and come over to their country which is paying him 3 lacs per month. He was all set to leave the country when at last he found out that it was fake. Phishing. Can ruin your life for good. Be careful with the mails that you receive.

Example 3: (How not to be AN IDIOT)

Remember how you receive mails with a photo of a poor old baby or a famous actress or photo of God himself, saying if you send this to twenty people you will receive luck, favor bla bla bla. Well let me put a stop to all the stupidity. None of it WORKS.!. They are all either spam or its a form of encryption that KNOW HOWs use to send messages. Its a process called Steganography.
The terrorist attack on the parliment (or on hotel Taj), one of it, was actually communicated through messages like this with a Picture of Aishwarya Rai. More on steganography later in the next post. The message was actually communicated through the picture. So from now on. Please stop spamming others with emails such as the ones i told you about. If you ever find one DELETE it.

Example 4: (How not to be SO PROUD)

When you find out something. A crack. A good rip of a DVD. A script by which you could hack into a website.etc etc etc. It would help if you keep it to yourself. Posting on your blog or posting on your website will only get you into a big mess. Someday somehow someone will track you down and nail you.

Example 5: (How to be CAREFUL ENOUGH)

A famous E Commerce Website hosting millions of products. Some user posts a Porn Video on it for sale without any of the site managers knowing about it. The CEO gets Jailed for hosting Porn Videos on his website for sale. He didn’t do anything wrong. But Carelessness.

Example 6: (How not to be UNAWARE)

This is one of the most important aspect that people need to concentrate on. Most people do not know what will get them into trouble. What will not.
The story of a Ph.D student in Russia goes like this.
He builds a tool that converts E-Books to Text files completely. Lovely. What a piece of work. But no.
Here’s the twist. E-books contain Password protection that helps it to be sold for a PRICE. While converting the E-Books to Text files. Our man here forgets to write a code for this i suppose. So a famous E-Book Software maker whose name i do not want to specify wishes to sue this person. But they couldn’t because they are from another country. So what do they do. They invite our Nice guy to present a seminar about his software in their own country and when he was done. He got arrested.

So what do i wanna say. The law is everywhere and there are powerful people around us whom we cannot fight with too. Be careful what you post on the internet before it costs you your good life.

Take Care of Yourself