Selective Sync: Dropbox

Dropbox is a great application to use on windows. Syncing everything dynamically with no human intervention. All you have to install the application and copy paste the stuff you want to upload to the cloud for usage from another computer or for sharing photos and documents. But do you really want to keep all the stuff you store on drop box on your computer as well. I don’t think so. No matter how much memory you have, any extra GB of space is much appreciated. Besides there is no point in keeping a copy of things you don’t need on your pc.

But the good news is. There is a solution. You can actually decide what folders you want to have on your pc.

How do you do it

Right click on the drop box icon on the task bar and click on preferences.


When a new menu opens, click on the advanced tab and click selective sync.


A new window appears, There you can select which folders you want both in your pc and the cloud. If you want it, click on the check box if not, uncheck it and click on update.


That is all.

Thanks for reading.



Fifa 2012: Full Screen, Resolution Issue


First of all. This is not an issue as the title says :). You just have to change the ‘Resolution Settings’.

You can find the config file in the following folder.

First head on to the folder where you installed Fifa 12.

1. Navigate to

Fifa 12 >> Game >> fifasetup

2. Click on fifaconfig 

A new window opens.

3. Click on Game Settings

Your resolution is probably set to 800 * 600. Change it to the resolution of your laptop screen. That would solve the problem. Usually 1280*720 will do.

You can also go for higher resolutions but that depends on your laptop screen resolution and processing power. More the resolution, more the processing power that will be needed.

Hope that solves the problem.


Chatting behind a Proxy/Firewall

The Situation:

I live in a place where the internet i use goes through a proxy server which does not allow any chat protocols to work. Meaning I cannot use Gtalk or MSN Messenger or Pidgin even. I’ve tried a lot of stuff. Went through a lot of blogs but in vain. But I knew one thing. That if these chat messages were sent and received through some web protocol, I could chat. Because i could chat from Gmail’s chat interface.

The Solution:

I tried the most famous web based messenger, Meebo, but it did not work. But Nimbuzz Web Messenger did. It did seamlessly. If you are ever facing a lot of problems with setting up the proxy. Quit it and start using Nimbuzz. You will save some time. When I do find a possible EASY solution to bypass the proxy. I will tell you. There are some methods which can be used. But its too troublesome to go through for just chatting.


Linux Mint: Manual Partition (Common Mistakes)

Partitioning your hard disk for Linux Mint is similar to partitioning for Ubuntu. Since Mint is a derivative of Ubuntu.

Before I begin this blog I want to tell you that this is not a complete guide to partitioning. As there are many other blogs which beautifully give you a complete view of how to do it. Even I did my partitioning after going through such blogs to get an idea. But here I would like to point out some mistakes that i did which led to a lot of extra work, and hopefully you will not repeat the same.

If you want a complete tutorial of how to manually partition and dual boot along side windows. Take a look at this tutorial.

Basically you will need four partitions.

/boot will require about 500MB. This will contain the files that help you boot and shutdown. You must be careful with this. Because just below the partitioning table is a drop down menu where you need to specify the partition where you need the boot loader to be installed. “Device for bootloader installation”. As shown below


You will need about 10GB ideally for the / or root partition. I run mine with 20GB root partition, which is not actually necessary. 10GB is more than enough according to most of the blogs. Sometimes people, even me, when i first installed Linux, partitioned the root finally at last and gave all the remaining space to it. How ever, it is advised that you do not do this. Leave the rest of the space to the /home partition. Which will contain all your user files. Meaning your documents, photos, videos etc.

Optimum Swap Space has always been a heated discussion in many of the Linux forums all around. Reading all these forums Ive come to my own conclusion which may or may not be the right thing to do according legacy Linux Users. But hey, It works for me without any trouble so I’m fine with it.

a) If the size of RAM is lesser than 2Gb. Then i allot a swap space that is double the size of the RAM.
b) If the size of RAM is more than 4 GB. Then the size of swap is same as the size of RAM.
If the size is anywhere between. You make a call.

I liked this particular link.

Just to give you a sense of satisfaction that even though you give more space it doesn’t matter. I will tell you my own configuration. I have 5GB of swap space for 4GB of RAM. I dunno Why I have that. But it somehow felt right at the moment I installed it and I did.

NOTE: Please be careful about specifying the Device for boot loader installation. This would be the most likely place that you would make a mistake. Because I did it too and my Linux would not shut down at all. It would just freeze with a terminal screen with a lot of errors. Then I found that the mistake was this and I had to reinstall Linux because all other trouble shooting failed. Besides reinstalling was the most straight forward thing to do..


Gmail: Using Filters (Part 1)

Filters are one of the coolest features that many email service providers offer. But sadly not many use it. Some, because they are not aware that there exists such a facility and others do not because they don’t know how to.

I will tell you how I use my filters and I will give you tips on how and where you can use filters.

Filtering options can be found by clicking on the settings icon and clicking on settings.


After entering the settings menu click on Filters.


Find Create a new filter and click on it. You will see the following menu drop from the top.


Now here you can specify the parameters by which gmail will filter your mail.
You can experiment how well your specification of the parameters work by clicking on the search icon. You can filter mails from a specific person by specifying the persons email address in the From text box. If you want to filter out mails that were sent to a particular person (Maybe even you). You can specify that in the To text box. The Subject textbox can be used to filter mails with a particular subject and so on… 

You can click on Create filter with this search to create the filter if you are satisfied with it. Then you will be provided with another page where you can set what actions to perform when the filter parameters are satisfied.

In the next blog I will show you an example of one my filters that is quintessential to me.

Thank You


Faster Way to Print Documents…

I was doing a favour for a friend of mine. I was taking a lot of prints for him. Which involved getting into many pdf files and printing it. So i thought if there was an easy way to do this. And yes there was.!..

I don’t know how many people know this. But this is pretty cool

All you have to do if you have a folder full of pdfs or word files that you have to print is.

1. Select all the files you want to print.
2. Rick click on them.
3. Choose “print”

printing easy

That is all. Isn’t that amazing.
Now all the printing happens in your default printer settings. If you want back to back prints you might have to work a little bit around the printers behaviour. I did a normal printing with one print per page on a single side. Worked so good for me. Saved me a lot of time.