Using the vi editor (Short Version)

The vi editor has two modes
1) The Command mode
2) The Insert mode

with the Command mode you can move around the file with the arrow keys and you can use the del key or keys like x to delete letters.

with the Insert mode you can insert characters using the keyboard.

Note: You cannot enter any letters when you are in the command mode. You must enter the Insert mode before typing in anything.

Common Task:

Say you want to delete a particular letter or a word and then insert some other word in its place. This is what you would do

By default the vi editor starts up with the Command mode.
Move your cursor to the letter you want to delete and press ‘x’ or ‘del’ key.
This will delete the letter.
Press ‘i’ to enter into the Insert mode.
Now your keyboard can enter alphabets and numbers.
Insert the content you want.
Press ‘Esc’ key to go back to the Command mode.
Remember that to delete a letter you should go to the command mode.

Note: To Undo a particular typo or a delete, press ‘u’ in the command mode to undo. Works like any other word editor.


cd to a directory with spaces in its name

Using Linux now.
I am a noob…
But then… I want to share my progress with you ..
To change to a directory with its name containing spaces in between (for example: New Folder) use the following command it should work

cd “New Folder”


Do this with the quotes…
The Quotations are supposed to tell the pc that the name has a space in between.