Just Tweet!

Have you ever wanted to just tweet something and not get into twitter and get lost in the endless tweets there are to look at. I have. I have always thought that I could only do that with some widget on my phone or some add-on in the browser. But just recently did it strike me, when ever I want to share an article from somewhere on the internet, and it has a tweet button on it, what opens is a simple tweet dialog. This made me realize that it should be possible to just post a tweet and not get lost in twitter’s home page. There is an api which all these widgets are connecting to.

A little search on duckduckgo and I end up with this link.


A link that opens a dialog that allows you to just tweet. Bookmark this on your browser, give it a name to be able to easily find it, and when you want to tweet, type the name on the address bar directly, go there, send your tweet!. But yes, you should be logged in to twitter of course, so it only works on personal systems, but well, so do those other widgets and tools.


Ubuntu Trick – The Auto Click

The Story

Well i recently stumbled into this feature i found on my ubuntu machine. I’m still running Ubuntu 10.10, Maverick Meerkat on my desktop. If you find yourself doing a lot of clicks you can reduce the number of clicks you do a day by a huge 90% if you use this small tweak with the mouse preferences. It does have its drawbacks too.

What is it? 

With the Auto click turned on, you do not have to click when you want to click something, you just have to point at it. There are two parameters that determine whether a click takes place or not. One is the Delay, which decides how long the computer should wait before it makes the click. The second is the Motion Threshold, which determines how much small motion can be accepted for the delay clock to start running. Although the second parameter is not much useful, the first one is. Normally you would want a long delay because you wouldn’t to be clicking all over the place. Using this might be hard at first. Might even be a little annoying. Change is hard for any human to accept. But i feel that with time you would be blazing.

How do you do it.? 

Head over to the mouse preferences. If you are runnning Ubuntu 10.10 like me with the old gnome interface head over to System > Preferences. If you are using the new unity interface use the windows or super key to open search, type in mouse and you will find it. Head over to the Accessibility tab and you would find an interface that looks something like the pic below, where you can now adjust the two parameters (delay and threshold).



1. Reduce the number of mouse clicks per day by 90% almost.

2. Extend the life of your mouse 😉

3. Reduce finger strain.


1. Will take some time to master it. Will definitely be annoying at first.

Best Way to use your Laptop Battery

Well i’ve used a laptop for about two and a half years right now and i have finally decided how i’m gonna use the laptop battery from the next time. Initially i thought working with the charger connected to the supply when ever possible would take the strain off the battery and in turn the battery would charge up first and my laptop would be taking charge directly from the power supply. I did that because i read in my laptop manufacturers guide that the laptop would stop charging the battery and would start taking supply directly. Well i was wrong. All through that could be true. I live in a place where the power goes off frequently. And due to those small charge-discharge sequence that happens during power cuts my battery has lost its capacity.

Now i feel its better to use the laptop as much as possible with the battery. Charge it fully. Use it fully. Charge it again(fully). Just like you would do on your cell phones. I hope you do know that its always advised to charge your cell phones fully and drain it off fully(below 10%) before you charge it again. This would increase your battery life.

Although if you live in a place where power cuts are not the issue you could try the way i did. Although when a power cut does occur. Discharge the battery completely before charging it again when the power comes back.


Internet Explorer impressed me with this one

Well the whole world is at it. “Internet Explorer sucks”. “Internet explorer is only good enough to download firefox or chrome”. Bla bla. The list goes on. But then sometimes internet explorer impresses me. If you have used firefox or opera or chrome you would know that when the browser crashes due to a particular webpage, it restarts. But what it does is, gets your session back. It reloads all the pages that you were using. Although this is a nifty feature. Internet explorer just went one step ahead for a change and it really impressed me.

Whenever a page makes your browser to crash, IE just closes the tab and reloads it. Not disturbing any of the other tabs that you have kept opened. In other words, You will not have the experience of a browser crashing even if it does. Because it just take two seconds to clear it off. You are prompted that the particular webpage made IE to crash, and that the page will reload. You click ok and that’s it.!.

Believe it or not. I prefer using IE in college and Firefox at home. IE gives me some advantages over other browsers when I browse through my institution’s proxy server. I don’t know how, but it does. So I love it.


Opera: Group Tabs

This is a cool trick that you can do in Opera which i found out only recently. When you have two or three tabs that you feel are related. Then you can group them just by dragging one of them and placing on top of the other. Then those two tabs will be grouped. You can add more than two tabs to a group.

Shown below is an example of how grouped tabs will look like….

You can expand or compress the tabs (shown below)



When the tabs are compressed together into one single tab. The previously used tab among the tabs in the group will be visible to you on the outside.

Tips on using this feature:

1. If in case you have multiple emails in say hotmail, gmail and yahoo. You can add all the emails into one group while you work on your pc.
2. If you are looking for some reference. You will probably be opening up a lot of tabs to get to where you want to. To get the right reference. You might want to group all these together while you browse around each one of them. So your browser will look a little organised.

Additional Info:

There is an add on available in the opera website called Tab Grouper which automatically groups all the similar tabs together. But any automated facility will have its limitations. At some point of time you have to intervene manually. I do not use Tab Grouper. Nothing against it but just to reduce the number of add-ons in my browser. Better to keep it light and fast.

Thanks for reading… Smile